Custom Group Travel

Custom Group Travel

If you represent a school, college, organization, or group and are looking to design a unique enriching custom group travel experience for your students or team, we can help!

We create custom group travel and educational programs around the world – both land and sea-based. We’re nothing like a traditional tour or travel company as every program is uniquely curated. We’ll work together to understand your needs and create an incredible experience that will surpass your expectations.

How does it work? Our first step is to discover the following about your group of students and staff…

  • Your Ideal Destination

  • Your Program’s Focus

  • Your Preferred Dates

  • Your Trip’s Duration

  • Your Approximate Group Size

  • Any Special Trip Requests

Once the fundamentals have been established, we’ll discuss your group’s vision, goals, and the role you want GXG to play in your trip…

Facilitation - Us

Sit back and have our leaders and staff run the show for your group.

Facilitation - Us

We will liaise with local vendors, partners, and take care of all of the additional logistics throughout the program. You would then choose to either bring your own staff to act as chaperones or stay at home and let us handle all the work. For this option, you may choose from any of our pre-planned individual programs – we will then tailor the experience for your unique group of students.

Facilitation - You

Want to facilitate the experience yourself? Bring your staff or faculty and manage your own group.

Facilitation - You

Manage your own group and educational content while we take care of the complicated logistics (housing, transportation, food, guides, etc). We’ll manage the details, giving you room to supply the very best experience for your students at a price point that is more affordable.

You dream it. We’ll create it!

Your custom group travel program will be unique – designed around your group’s mission and objectives. To get your creative juices flowing, check out some of the incredible places we explore and activities we can offer.

Lesser Antilles

Study abroad while sailing the Caribbean seas and experiencing new cultures.

Cultivate your sailing skills while island hopping in the Caribbean. Don’t worry; you’ll give each island the personal attention it deserves by surfing and snorkeling in their pristine waters, trekking along their dormant volcanoes and immersing yourself in the unique landscapes and cultures each has to offer. All the while, you’ll be earning college credits as well as sailing and diving certifications.

Trip Focus

  • Tall ship sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Marine biology
  • Academic credit
  • Water sports
  • Leadership development


Traverse this legendary landscape and leave forever inspired.

This Nordic oasis transforms mundane into extraordinary. Stroll amid active glaciers, bathe in steaming lagoons, feel the welcoming warmth of the local people, and swim the crystal-clear water between continents. As the development of the outside world accelerates, the cinematic horizons of Iceland remain timeless.

Trip Focus

  • Environmental service
  • Nature tours
  • Sustainability studies
  • Adventure sports
  • Marine life watching


Follow the path of one of mankind’s most powerful civilizations.

Trek, raft, bike, and ride through the Sacred Valley while immersing yourself in Peruvian culture and tradition. Spend some time learning about Peru’s fascinating history in rich cultural courses and earn community service hours by helping to nurture young minds and local communities. Ancient ruins and breathtaking vistas await you in the heart of the Peruvian landscape.

Trip Focus

  • Humanitarian support

  • Cultural immersion
  • Adventure sports
  • Spanish study
  • Incan history

British Virgin Islands

A sailor’s paradise and a diver’s dream…

Situated at the very top of the Caribbean island chain, this cluster of 36 small islands consist of steep lush hills and white sandy beaches all surrounded by the electric blue waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. This idyllic setting is perfect for a wide range of water sports. Sailing, scuba diving, marine biology, water sports, community service and island exploration…join us for the ride of your life!

Trip Focus

  • Sailing instruction
  • Scuba diving
  • Water sports
  • Community service
  • Marine biology


Immerse yourself in China’s history and engage in life-changing service.

Travel through China and make a difference by doing volunteer work in private orphanages. When you’re not impacting children’s lives, impact your own through deep exposure to Chinese culture. Experience dazzling martial arts demonstrations, calligraphy classes, and traditional cooking lessons. Learn how the modern world interacts with ancient history at the Great Wall, Forbidden City and more.

Trip Focus

  • Cultural immersion
  • Chinese history
  • Mandarin language
  • Community service
  • Urban exploration

Interested in another location?

Global Expeditions Group operates custom group travel programs that span the globe. Please contact us at +1.941.924.6789,, or use the form below for more information on our other trips.

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Over the years, we’ve been asked hundreds of different questions. Here are the answers to a few of the most common!

Our custom group travel programs span the globe. At any given moment, we may have sea vessels in two or three international locations as well as land operations in 10+ different countries.

Having said that, our global service and adventure travel programs mainly operate in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, China, Costa Rica, Galapagos & Ecuador, Iceland, India, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Most of our sailing and diving programs operate out of the British Virgin Islands, while most of our shorter custom voyages through Sea|mester are offered in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles, the chain of islands that run from the British Virgin Islands in the north to Grenada in the south. The Caribbean offers fantastic ecological, geological and cultural diversity over such a small geographic area and it’s so close to North America that it is hard to beat.

Call us to learn more about what options we have available during your time frame.

That depends a lot on your group’s educational goals, time constraints, and budget!

We can offer a trip as short as just a few days to as long as you like. We cut our teeth running full school years aboard and regularly offer college semesters of 80 or 90 days that cross one of the world’s major oceans.

You dream it, we’ll create it.

Yes, yet it depends on the type and duration of the trip that you select.

Our high school programs – ActionQuest and GoBeyond – can offer certifications in scuba diving, sailing, and community service. Our college-level program, Sea|mester, is affiliated with USF, the University of South Florida, and is able to offer four 3-credit college-level classes in:

  • Nautical Science
  • Marine Biology
  • Oceanography
  • Student Leadership Development

Depending upon your academic interests and goals, we can teach any number of these classes to your students. Additional costs will be dependent upon your choices. Please understand that since each course consists of a minimum of 45 contact hours, it’s not usually possible to offer accredited classes during shorter trips.

It depends on the type and duration of the trip that you select.

With enough advance notice, we can accommodate groups of any size. However, on average our high school programs – ActionQuest and GoBeyond – see groups between 8 and 30 including students and chaperones. Our college-level program, Sea|mester, operates three vessels – Ocean Star, Argo, and Vela – each capable of carrying between 16 and 26 students and chaperones.

Feel free to call us, so we can discuss how we can best accommodate the number in your group.

We certainly can!

Coordinating flights is of vital importance – and a mammoth task! For this reason, we strongly suggest that all groups start by contacting our travel coordinator, Leah Hernandez of TRC Travel Center (T: +1.281.528.7727 or 800.329.9000 • E: It’s not required that you work with Leah, but she’s exceptional at providing service and guidance.

That depends on certain factors such as:

  • Trip duration and type
  • Group size
  • Itinerary choices
  • Academic, sailing, and/or scuba package inclusion

Call us to discuss your time frame and budget, and we will try to create an itinerary to meet your needs.

All trips, irrespective of duration or location include the following:

  • Professional pre-departure guidance and planning materials
  • Supervision and instruction during the trip
  • Full room and board
  • Teambuilding and leadership curriculum

In many cases, yes.

Your program proposal will be designed to meet your needs as well as reduce the cost burden on your participants, including chaperones. Often we are able to offer 1-2 chaperone spaces for free or at a reduced rate, yet it depends on the size of the student group and itinerary selected.

In many cases, yes.

For reasons of safety and risk mitigation, we have a set of comprehensive Essential Eligibility Requirements that all participants (students and chaperones) must meet to join the program. If you are unsure whether our adventures are suitable for a particular student or group, please call us to discuss your needs.