• Sale!
    A great gift for any Sea|mester alumni! A fresh T-shirt, a poster of the vessel and a flag for your wall.
  • GXG Hat

    Perfect for your ActionQuest, Sea|mester, or GoBeyond trip. These mid-profile, structured, snapback trucker hats feature a handstitched, woven GXG patch. In Royal Blue with White backing and in Charcoal with Black backing.
  • A beautiful poster of either Argo or Ocean Star under full sail in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Sea|mester T-Shirts

    Classic Sea|mester cotton shirts, available for all three vessels, Ocean Star, Argo, and Vela!
  • Stylish hydration for the GXG nation! Since the 1970’s, Nalgene bottles have been the water bottles chosen by avid outdoor types due to their rugged design. We’ve even heard of people driving their cars over these bottles and they still won’t break, but don’t try this at home! We have a limited supply of these available for our students in various (it will be a surprise!) colors with logos. Again, if you choose not to purchase a water bottle through us, please do ensure that you bring a Nalgene or a bike type bottle along, as staying properly hydrated is key!
  • Designed for your ActionQuest, GoBeyond, and Sea|mester! A U/V rash guard is a must for those long days out on the water as it provides good protection from the sun. Originally developed by surfers, this lycra garment is worn tight to the skin, quick-drying, and can be worn for all in-water and out-of-water activities. In navy blue with white stitching and logo. Our staff wear these all day, every day. PLEASE NOTE: Rashguards are supposed to fit tight to the skin. Please order the size of T-shirt that would correctly fit you without being baggy.
  • Bring a little bit of the boat back home with you with a Sea|mester flag. This flag makes a great gift for any alumni, especially for those having crossed a big ocean aboard one of the Sea|mester vessels. The flag measures 3ft x 5ft and has two grommets on the luff.


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