• Scholarship Application

    When considering joining one of our programs we encourage you to consider the cost of your attendance as an investment.  Not simply as part of your academic education, but in shaping the person you are.

    We understand the cost of that investment is substantial, so for those who show a great potential to succeed and grow from traveling with us, yet would otherwise be unable to attend without financial assistance, we welcome you to apply for financial assistance.  As funds are limited we do request that only those that truly need assistance request it.  The total amount of funds available for any given program will vary and there are programs where no funding is available.

    Application & Confirmation Timeline

    We accept scholarship applications on a rolling basis and will endeavor to respond within 30 days to each individual application.  Once a scholarship determination has been accepted, the applicant will need to submit an official program enrollment application along with a deposit.

    Scolarship Request Response & Determination

    Upon receiving a completed scholarship application, ActionQuest/GoBeyond will offer the following choices to the applicant:

    • Option 1 (Accept) – The applicant accepts the scholarship award as offered. The applicant must then proceed to submit the official enrollment application within 15 days along with the $750-$1500 deposit needed to confirm and reserve the space.  The applicant will be given a unique scholarship code to be used during the enrollment application to confirm the scholarship award.
    • Option 2 (Deny & Review) – The applicant denies the scholarship award as offered and chooses to wait for another review.  The application will be placed on hold until AQ/GB re-reviews the application, usually 30, 60 or 90 days from initial submission.  It should be noted that previous scholarship offers may not be available at the time of re-review.  Available scholarship offers may increase or decrease depending upon current enrollment, remaining scholarship funding, etc.
  • Applicant's Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Parent Information

  • Trip Information

  • Please list the top three trips you are interested in joining. As has been mentioned, the total amount of funds available for any given program will vary. There are programs where funding is not available, so it is important to know which trips you are interested in and able to join.

    View all of our ActionQuest trips - Click Here

    View all of our GoBeyond trips - Click Here

  • Please write the full trip name to include brand, program, session & year. Example: GoBeyond, Preserving Paradise - Session 2, 2020 or ActionQuest, Vega Voyage - Session 2, 2020
  • Often times we are able to offer larger scholarships on trips other than the one(s) you have selected. Please tell us what you are looking for in a program so we can best match you to a program that meets your interests and financial needs.

    Is there a specific location, timeframe or activity you are interested in?

  • Financial Aid Information

  • Scholarship funding is limited and AQ/GB tries to allocate funding to as many worthy candidates as possible. Please carefully consider the level of funding you are requesting.  There is a greater likelihood of gaining funding with a more modest request. Please determine the percentage requested below:
  • Applicant Essay

  • Explain, in detail, what unique attributes and skills you possess that will ensure your personal success in traveling with us.  Include in your answer the personal goals you have for the trip and what specific intangible elements you believe you will bring to the group.  In other words, why should we award the requested scholarship?

  • Explain in detail, what is your financial plan to pay for the following: the remaining tuition due after any scholarship funds are awarded, travel expenses, spending money, and emergency money?

    What funding do you already have in place prior to any scholarship award?

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